How I came to believe in Ultimate Reconciliation

A number of years ago, I had a revelation of how much God really loved me. And that started the questions.

  • If God loves us unconditionally, how could he torment people with fire and unbearable torture for all eternity?
  • Why would God create billions of people that he claims to love, when he knew that most of them would burn for ever and ever?
  • What kind of a God would burn people as a punishment? I wouldn’t do something like that. Neither would the people I know. Are we better than God?
  • Is eternal damnation a true doctrine?

So I started studying the scriptures and soon realized that we have been duped. Not only is eternal torment a false doctrine, it’s worse than that. It’s the doctrine of devils.

Join me has we search the scriptures to “see if these things are so”. Monday through Friday will feature scriptures with commentary. The weekend will feature a quote by a Bible scholar.

I’m posting comments from the many varied segments of Christian thought. I probably don’t agree with many of them in other areas of their theology. That’s not the point of this blog. My purpose is to show that the belief – that God is truly good and he will save all mankind – crosses may theological boundaries.

And, if we can agree that God will save all people, incorrect theology won’t send anyone “straight to hell!”