Your Daily Meditation on January 18, 2018 at 07:00AM

God is love. John 4:16

God has revealed to us that the most important principle is LOVE. All commandments are summed up in love. God is love.

Because we have been led astray by “The Church” and by incorrect Bible translations, we know that God is love but we are forced to reconcile this with the “fact” that many will be condemned to hell forever. We teach that while God is love, it is necessary that some are condemned to hell forever because God is holy and cannot bear the presence of sin.

So God must be portrayed in these two ways…as a God of love, and as a God of justice and holiness. God loves like a father, but He is OK with placing many of His creation into hell forever if they choose to reject Him in this short lifetime.

My point in this entire book has been to show you that this is not the case. God is love, God is holy and God is righteous and interested in justice. But as I have attempted to show in this work, all of these characteristics work together to accomplish God’s ultimate purpose; the salvation of all mankind.

To proclaim that God is quite willing to cast many into an eternal torment is teaching something that is totally inconsistent with God’s character.

From “At the End of the Ages” by Bob Evely.