We Can’t Do God’s Work

Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel. Psalm 78:41.

He humbled himself. But man has misunderstood this attitude. In creature ignorance, pride and self importance, He has been maligned, and despised. “Unadorned, without honor, He was not respected.—nor sought or desired. Despised and neglected by men, a man in His sorrows acquainted with grief, (Isa. 53: 3.) “Ye have limited the Holy One of Israel.” The way of salvation – Christ cruclfied, the power of God and the wisdom of God – is professed, but its adequacy is denied by resort to other means which seem more practical. “The Lamb, – that bore away the sin of the world.”- this is made void by the common preaching of all Christendom, that, regardless of sin put away, the sinner must be punished. But it is said, “Of course, that is all right, everybody believes that, what is the matter with it?” The matter is, that it is a contradiction. For here are the very words that God commands shall be proclaimed on that point, “everybody” to the contrary though they be. “To wit, that God was in Christ reconciling the cosmos unto Himself, not charging their sins to them.” Did you ever hear anybody preach this “without reservations? “You have limited the Holy One of Israel.” and have reduced the Gospel to a minimum, and then wonder that it has no power, and you ask God to give you some wonderful baptism that will bring the world to—(what?), and you charge upon God the responsibility of your carna! failure. What is this prayer that is heard on any and every occasion that God would pour out his Spirit,” and bring multitudes into a carnal church? The Holy Spirit will endorse the Divinely powerful gospel, though proclaimed by a weak messenger. But men pray that unscriptural ideas may be used to convert souls; that a personal gift of power may do a mighty work; that God will act contrary to His dispensational program; and then charge God withholding back something that He could give just as well as not. No, “The Lord’s hand is not shortened.” Men are slow to believe..

Joseph S. Johnston (1843-1933), Christ Victorious Over All (P. 7-8)