Weekend Wisdom by William Law

William Law (1686-1761) was an Anglican priest who influenced John Wesley and others active in the evangelical revival in 18th century England. 

He was one of those rare individuals in history who was willing to do the right thing, regardless of the negative consequences that may result from that decision. When his conscience wouldn’t allow him to take the oaths of allegiance to the new government of George I, he gave up his position at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 

Like the early Greek Fathers, Law saw God’s neverending love and unlimited power working together to bring about the restoration of all things. In an address to his fellow clergy, he explained what he saw as the working of God throughout the ages. 

“The love that brought forth the existence of all things, changes not through the fall of its creatures, but is continually at work, to bring back all fallen nature and creature to their first state of goodness. . . . God creating, God illuminating, God sanctifying, God threatening and punishing, God forgiving and redeeming, is but one and the same essential, immutable, never ceasing working of the divine nature.”